For Any Commemorative Need

We work extensively with churches, particularly when it comes to products for dedications and memorials. Honoring those who have exhibited exemplary service and commitment to a cause with a finely crafted plaque or award is a tremendous way to express appreciation.

Birch Higgins has been one of the leading industry providers for years; this is because everything we do is done with care and incredible attention to detail. For church events and special occasions, we have consistently been the go-to company for program needs, signs, promotional materials…pretty much anything you can think of.

When You Need Us…

We are always there when you need us. And because our processes are done in house, we can guarantee fast and accurate service. So for any church-related function or ceremony, for all of your engraving and etching needs, and for special bronze and/or aluminum castings, we are there to provide for you! Contact us today!