This is where it all began! Birch Higgins’ high end engraving and etching services made us the trusted name that we are today. If you can imagine it, we can engrave it! With our engraving and etching operations all in-house, we are able to offer truly customized options, affordable pricing and fast delivery. Few of our competitors can say that.


With services including: precision laser etching, machine engraving (rotary and diamond drag), sand blasting/sand carving, and even pantograph hand engraving, Birch Higgins Corporate Services is unmatched when it comes to the range and quality of services available.

Etching and engraving services are available for industrial, commercial, residential, and personal needs. Call us today to ask questions and or to inquire about pricing! We also offer custom jewelry engraving to add that special touch to any piece.

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