More Successful Sales!

The unpredictable economy and shaky sales in many sectors have spurred Sales and HR Managers across the globe to cut back or even eliminate their Sales Award and Incentive programs. We get it. Sometimes you have to make the tough calls to save money.

But at Birch Higgins, we’d like to believe that there is a better way. Sales Awards and Recognition programs are not cheap, but if implemented properly with a knowledgeable and highly experienced partner, they can be delivered at a significantly reduced cost without sacrificing quality or customer service.

This is what we do everyday…work with clients to implement affordable award and recognition program solutions so that they don’t have to skimp when it comes to commending their talented employees.

Putting Incentives To Work

The fact is, incentives drive people, and they particularly drive Sales professionals. You need to motivate your team to achieve the company’s goals as well as their own personal goals. Clearly, monetary incentives are important, however, financial incentives are not the only way to reward sales performance and are more effective if combined with a Sales awards and recognition’s platform.

We help our clients offer cost effective, high quality awards and gifts to their Sales Teams, including Plaques, Trophies, Awards, and Corporate Gifts, as well as Crystal and Glass Engraved Awards/Gifts and company branded products such as mugs, pens, bags, and other specialty items. We also offer custom products and tailored services to meet the individualized tastes of our diverse clients.

If you would like to learn more about our Sales Motivation Awards and Corporate gifting services, click here to schedule a free consultation with your dedicated Account Manager today.